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In interiors, we often face a problem that we cannot see, but hear. It is excessive noise from the long reverberation of sound, so common in minimalistic spaces.
It is caused by the presence of large hard smooth surfaces without sufficient amount of absorbers. A space furnished in this way will allow hundreds of sound reflections at a speed of 350 m/s and the creation of second echoes. Many reflections of sound per second means its multiplication, increased noise and stress.

The goal of our company is to create spaces that are not only beautiful to look at, but also of high quality to the touch and at the same time perceived by all senses as pleasant for everyday use. Finding a solution to the frequent problem of acoustics in modern spaces was in line with our philosophy.
Oak Acoustics lamella panels are the answer to the noise problem of modern interiors. Panels with sound absorption capacity on the wall and trendy design slats as a diffuser improve the acoustics of the space for maximum coziness at work, relaxation or living.


Oak Acoustics lamella acoustic walls are designed as an acoustic diffuser made of natural oiled oak lamellas in dozens of shades, combined with an acoustic absorber made of recycled PET material. The entire system is easy to assemble with a comprehensive set of accessories. During production, we use many years of experience in creating the design of the oak surface obtained from the production of oak floors, our own production processes and knowledge of room acoustics.



We manufacture the panels in our workshop near Košice, Slovakia in the EU.

Our own production enables us to have a pro-customer approach with tailor-made products, and perhaps the possibility of the same design with the oak floor produced by us will interest us; )

Creating spaces that are not only beautiful to look at, but of high quality to the touch and at the same time perceived by all senses as pleasant for everyday use is what we have been following since 2007, when we founded dubové (.cz, .com). Solving acoustic problems was a natural challenge for us as a manufacturer of hard oak floors, which also have an effect on sound reflections, and one of the reasons for solving this problem.

We believe that a beautiful design and a cozy feeling is what you are looking for, so that you would like to return to your home, work or favorite restaurant, and our products, both oak floors and Oak Acoustics panels, will help create such a space.

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